October 7, 2021 Flooding

Due to the flooding experienced by the City of Winchester and Clark County on October 7, 2021, Fire Station 2 personnel and apparatus have been relocated.  Upon appraisal of Station 2, it was determined that the building had suffered substantial damage.  It was deemed uninhabitable until repairs could be made.   As such, those repairs began on 10/8 and continue as of this date.  Station 2 personnel and apparatus are deploying from Station 3 in the Industrial Park.  Station 3 has relocated to Station 1 on Maple Street and will deploy in tandem with Station 1 crews.  This is a temporary reallocation of strategic placement of personnel and resources.  The Winchester Fire Department (WFD) will continue to serve the community with the same level of efficiency, all be it, from different locations than we are used to.  In conclusion, the current structure of resources breaks down as follows;

Station 1 – Engine co Truck co EC1 and EC2

Station 3 – Rescue co EC3

The Winchester Fire Department appreciates the public’s understanding as we navigate the state of emergency declared in our City and County.  Our mission remains the same; WFD will protect the lives and property of residents and visitors through fire prevention and education, fire and rescue response and the provision of emergency medical aid.   



Chris Whiteley

Winchester Fire Chief

 Fire Station 2  Picture 2Fire Station 2 Picture 5Fire Station 2 Picture 1Fire Station 2 Picture 3Fire Station 2  Picture 4