2020 Leaf Pickup


 Public Works Director, Patrick Clark said that leaf collection will begin on Monday, November 2nd. City residents should rake leaves to the utility strips in front of their homes, but not into the streets since that could clog the storm drains.         Please do not leave vehicles sitting at the curb in front of or behind piles of leaves.   We will not be able to get to these to pick them up.  Public Works Department will not pick up piles of leaves that have tree limbs or other foreign debris.  These  items will damage our machines.  Collection efforts will begin with three (3) units in operation; however, no set days have been designated for specific streets. One unit will begin on the West side of town, another unit will be on the South and Southeast side of town and the third unit will be working on the Northeast and North-west side of town.   Crews will make complete passes through the City weather permitting and barring any equipment failures until all leaves have been collected.  Patrick Clark, Public Works Director says crews will not deviate from the assigned routes and will not backtrack. The Public Works phone number is 859-744-3253.